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Bob Vance, CFO

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Bob was raised in Seattle Washington and lived right next to Boeing Field where he grew up watching aircraft being built and tested such as the B-52, Boeing 707, 727, 737, and 747 aircraft. That’s where as a young boy he developed a passion for aviation.  In 1963, his parents moved his four brothers and him to California and have never left except for 24 years in the military.

    Bob retired from the military after 24 years as a pilot rated in both helicopters and Multi-Engine aircraft. He currently has a FAA Airline Transport Pilot rating and a Certified Flight Instructor rating in both Rotorcraft and Airplanes.  Bob retired in 2006 from the FAA as an air traffic controller at the Oakland Air Traffic Route Center in Fremont, Ca.

    Bob has proudly been married to his wife Lizette for 44 years, purchased their lot in Greenstone in 1987, and moved into their home Thanksgiving Day in 1990.  They love the peace and quiet of Greenstone and contributing to the food source to so many deer.

    Bob has served on the Greenstone Country Board of Directors three times, and been on the GCOA Architecture, Roads, Lakes committees and numerous other committees in the past 30 years.  Bob remembers Greenstone when it had only four units and watched it grow to eight units. Bob remembers chip and seal roads, paved roads, slides on Stagecoach, and fires on GCOA property.

    Bob has been on the CSD Board of Directors since 2014, and is currently the Finance Director.

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