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About the District

Greenstone Country Community Services District (CSD) is an independent special district approved by the El Dorado County Local Area Formation Committee (LAFCO) on April 2, 1981, by RESOLUTION 81-09; and was approved by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors per Resolution 134-81 on May 5, 1981. The district is governed by section 61000, et seq., of the State Government Code, and further regulated by the El Dorado County LAFCO. The district is presided over by a five-member elected Board of Directors which oversees the described area-of-influence know as Greenstone Country Community Services District within the unincorporated area of El Dorado County. The District Provides review and approval of septic system design(s) for new construction, and/or repair design of existing systems. In addition, the District also provides annual inspections of wastewater management systems for all lots/parcels, as well as, all common areas within the Greenstone Country Owners Association (Also referred to as the “HOA”) The HOA and District encompass the same sphere of influence.

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